RX 6650XT Sapphire Gaming 8G

Sapphire brand RX 6650XT graphics card is great for both gaming and mining purposes. Reliable high-tech device can be safely used in the assembly of their own GPU farms. This device is able to provide uninterrupted mining of cryptocurrency.

Properties of the device:
AMD RDNA 2 architecture,
7nm process technology
Memory bandwidth 17.5 Gbytes/sec
Processor frequency 1968 MHz, maximal frequency 2635 MHz
32 productive blocks responsible for computational work
8GB AMD cache memory
High frame rate (7680x4320 resolution)
Cooled by 2 axial fans

You should buy Sapphire RX 6650XT GAMING graphics card when you want to

You want to combine the pleasant (to play cool computer games) with the useful (to mine cryptocurrency) as efficiently as possible. In this case, the cost of the video card only 39105 rubles.

Ural Mining Company (UMC) supplies mining equipment directly from the manufacturer for over 5 years. We cooperate with the best factories - manufacturers: Bitmain. MicroBT, Canaan and others.

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Model: Sapphire AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT GAMING

GPU: Radeon RX 6650 XT

Process technology: 7 nm

Mass Storage: 8GB

Memory type: GDDR6

Memory bus size: 128 bit

Memory Frequency: 1968 to 635 MHz

Resolution: 7680x4320

Recommended power supply: 500 W

Cooling type: Active air, 2 axial fans

Weight: 600 g

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