Ipollo G1 mini

The G1 mini from Ipollo is another great example of a home ASIC miner. It was released on the market of mining equipment in 2021. Powered by Cuckatoo 31+, Cuckatoo 32+ algorithm. Mines Grin-CT31 cryptocurrency. It has an excellent performance of 1.3 G/s with a power consumption of 104W. The ASIC miner works in temperatures from 0-40 degrees Celsius.

ASIC miner is very compact (size78*148*158) and lightweight - it weighs only 2.5 kg. Silent - its level is only 40 dB, that's why it is so convenient to mine from home.

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Today thanks to Ipollo G1 mini you can earn $0.878 in 24 hours. At the current cost, the ASIC miner will pay for itself in 569 days.

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Algorithm: Cuckatoo 31+, Cuckatoo 32+

Crypto currency: Grin-CT31

Hashrate: 1.3 G/s

Power Consumption: 104W

Equipment Volume: 40dB

Operating Temperature: 0-40 degrees

lwh: 78x148x158 mm

Weight: 2500 g