Antminer Z15 200Ksol

Buy ASIC miner Antminer Z15e 200kSol - Equihash mining

Released in early 2021, Antminer Z15e 200kSol from Bitmain factory until today is in demand among professional miners. In fact, it is the little brother of the market-demanded Z15 with 420kSol on Equihash algorithm.

Apart from very popular Zcash, this ASIC miner successfully mines KMD, FLUX, ZCL, HUSH, ZER, ARRR! Miners liked this ASIC miner for its quick payback, reliability in use and low consumption - only 1.5KW.

How to buy ASIC miner Z15e 200kSol? Here's a step-by-step algorithm of 4 steps.

Step 1. Decide on a coin.
Step 2: Come and pick up the asics or place a pre-order.
Step 3: Hosting.
Step 4: You are calm - because ASIC miner Z15e 200 ksol/s (as well as the older model in the Z15 range at 420 ksol/s) - one of the most profitable and stable ASIC miners from all offers of the mining market.

Algorithm: Equihash

Crypto currency: Zcash

Hashrate: 200 ksol

Power Consumption: 1350W

Cooling: 4 coolers

System volume: up to 72dB

Operating Temperature: 0-30 degrees

lwh: 245x130x290 mm

Weight: 9000 g