Ipollo V1 mini

Mining equipment manufacturer Ipollo released this year super-compact (size 174*143*90mm) and ultra-light (weighs only 1 kg) ASIC miner Ipollo V1 mini, working on the Etchash algorithm. The ASIC miner mines ETC coin. This cryptocurrency is a great alternative to ETH when switching to POS.

It has 130Mh/s capacity (+-10%), power consumption of 104W = 76kW per month, at 5RUB = 380RUB per month. Has a high energy efficiency of 0.8J/MH. Noise level 55dB. Operating temperature from 0 to 45 degrees Celsius at 95% humidity.

Can be connected by wi-fi, you can also connect it via patch cord (99 rubles) to a router or microtic.

To connect it comes in handy computer cable s14 (about 100 rubles on Ozone). Easy to configure, you can figure it out yourself or with the help of our specialists.

The ASIC miner RAM memory is 3.75 GB.

The device thanks to its small size and low noise level is able to mine right from home!

Why buy Ipollo mini Classic?
You can mine the increasingly popular ETC cryptocurrency at home and have a passive income.

UMC supplies equipment directly from the leading manufacturers of mining equipment for more than 5 years. We work with Bitmain, MicroBT, Innosilicon, Canaan, Ipollo and other manufacturers. We offer discounts for wholesale buyers. We provide the video test of the device when sending.

Call our managers right now and get an ASIC miner at a great price!

Algorithm: Ethash

Crypto currency: ETH/ETC

Hashrate: 130 Mh/s

Energy consumption: 104 W

Noise: 55 dB

Operating Temperature: 0-45 degrees

RAM: 3, 75 Gb

lwh: 174x143x90 mm

Weight: 1000 g