Whatsminer M32s 52/66 TH/s

Whatsminer M32s is another productive bitcoin mining model from MicroBT. It works on SHA-256 algorithm. It has a high hash rate of 52/66 TH/s with a power consumption of 3348W. A clear competitor of Bitmain's S19 series. It has a very high energy efficiency of 50J/TH.

Made in MicroBT's usual proprietary design. Miniature, compact (dimensions 35x23x49cm), relatively light (12,5 kg) and at the same time reliable (solid aluminum construction).

ASIC miner operates in temperatures from 0-45°C. Equipped with two fans for optimum cooling. The noise level is 75db. Compared to competitors with high power has a relatively low cost.

You can buy ASIC miner M32s 52/66 TH/s with delivery
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UMC has been on the market of mining equipment for over 5 years. We cooperate with the best manufacturers of ASIC miners: MicroBT, Bitmain, Innosilicon and many others.

Algorithm: SHA-256

Crypto currency: Bitcoin (BTC)

Hashrate: 52/66 TH/s

Power Consumption: 3348W

Equipment volume: 75 dB

Operating Temperature: 0-45 degrees

Cooling: 2 coolers

lwh: 350x230x490 mm

Weight: 12500 g