Ipollo V1


Ipollo V1 - a space device from the new rising star of mining hardware!

Unreal performance of 3600 mh/s, allowing you to mine more ethereum or other coins on the ethash algorithm than you can imagine, the consumption of 3100 watt/hour makes this device relevant even at the most expensive outlet, the yield today without deduction of hosting services 101,9$ a day!

The energy efficiency of the ASIC miner is quite high 0.861 J/Mh, so it remains on a level with its competitor in mining ETH Antminer E9 (0.8 J/Mh). The hash rate of the ASIC miner is 40% higher at 3300/3600mh than the E9's 2400mh. The optimal operating temperature of the device is from 10 to 25 degrees. The ASIC miner weighs 13 kg. Its size is 31,4*19,4*29 cm. The noise level is optimal - 70 dB.

The RAM is 6 GB. The device can easily switch to mining ethereum classic! Also on this miner you can mine: EtherGem, UBiq, Pirl, Callisto.

Why buy Ipollo V1?

Ipollo V1 is a reliable, energy efficient and high performance ASIC miner for ETH/ETC mining. Its purchase is a powerful start in mining well-known and less known altcoins.

UMC (Ural Mining Company) supplies ASIC miners directly from the leaders of the mining equipment market since 2017. We deal with reliable and long-established manufacturers: Bitmain, MicroBT, Innosilicon, and others. Discounts for wholesalers from 5%. We send equipment with the insurance by transport company in the regions of Russia. We carry out a video check before delivery.

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Algorithm: Ethash

Crypto currency: ETH, EtherGem, Ubiq, Pirl, Callisto

Hashrate: 3300/3600 MH/s

Energy consumption: 3100W

Noise: 70 dB

RAM: 6 Gb

Operating Temperature: 0-25 degrees

lwh: 314x194x290 mm

Weight: 13000 g