IbeLink BM - K1+ 15 TH/s

ASIC miner BM- K1+ is a new Kadena mining device from IbeLink. It runs on the Blake2S algorithm. It has a relatively high performance of 15 TH/s and a low power consumption of 2200W. The energy efficiency of the equipment is 0.15 W/Gh.

User friendly interface. Easy to operate. Construction dimensions 402 x 128 x 201 mm, weight 9 kg. Operating temperature from 0-40 degrees. Equipped with a power-on check and real-time chip tracking function. Automatically restores the system when restarting. Power supply 190 - 240, 50/60 Hz

BM-K1+ is suitable for mining farms with high electricity costs. This is an opportunity to save money for miners.

You can buy ASIC miner IbeLink BM- K1+ by pre-order
UMC supplies new Kadena mining ASIC miners directly from China. You can buy the device with the delivery (we will send you a video report with the device check). You can pick up the ASIC miner in our Moscow office (you will be able to check it together with us). We also sell other ASIC miners on demand and sell them out of stock. New and used models. We cooperate with leading manufacturers of ASIC miners: Bitmain, Canaan, MicroBT, Innosilicon, IbeLink and many others.

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Algorithm: Blake2S

Crypto currency: Kadena

Hashrate: 15 TH/s

Power consumption: 2200W

Operating Temperature: 0-40 degrees

lwh: 402x128x201 mm

Weight: 9000 g