Container for 12m

We are engaged in the development and production of mining containers.

Our specialists have extensive experience

We have been manufacturing containers to meet any requirements and parameters since 2017.

Containers include:
  • Power coolers, cooling devices
  • Circuit breakers to protect against short circuits
  • 400 seats
  • Coating with Jotun brand paint

Why buy a container from UMC?
  • You can start mining on an industrial scale
  • Save on hosting UMC (own container hosting at a reduced rate)
  • Get the container with any parameters you need

UMC is on the market of mining equipment for more than five years. We supply directly from manufacturers such as Bitmain, Aipollo, Goldshell and many others. We work with reliable transportation organizations. We carry out delivery all over Russia. We carry out video inspection devices. Provide a report on the test in video format.

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Dimensions: 12 m

Seats: 400

Flooring: Jotun

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