Antbox N5 V2 mining container

Antbox N5 V2 is a reliable mobile mining container from Bitmain. The design takes up little space. can be placed in any space that is convenient for you. It has an effective cooling system.

Antbox N5 V2: 20ft, quick setup, energy saving, easy transportation, high capacity, S19 / S17 / T19 compatible, automatic power management, UL /CSA certified

Power 745 kW, capacity 207 asics at 3.5 kW per asic-miner, temperature from 13 F to +104 F

How to buy Antbox N5 V2?
You can order this container from us. We supply mining devices and accessories directly from manufacturers in China, Hong Kong and Malaysia (Bitmain, MicroBT, Innosilicon, Canaan, Goldshell and many others). We deliver containers and other devices for mining all over the world.

Call our managers and learn more about Bitmain containers!

Capacity: 207 (3.5 kW each)

Power: 672-745 kW

Frequency, Hz: 50/60 Hz

Security certification: UL /CSA

Operating conditions: -25 ~40 ℃

Operating humidity: Relative humidity 10%-90%

Cooling pad: Inlet tube diameter dn25 mm

Water cooling wall: 2 pcs.

Compatibility: S19 / S17 / T19

lwh: 6058x2438x2896 mm

Weight: 7200 g

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