Braid kit for power supplies

The power supply is one of the main elements for mining. It is connected through special connectors and gives as much power as the device needs for stable functioning. In order for the power to be regularly supplied to the machine, you need reliable wires for the ASIC miner. Original accessories provide a reliable level of protection of the device and can prolong the life of the machine

Number of connectors - 5 6-pin connectors
Length 50 cm

Why buy a braid kit?

It is necessary so that your power supply will stably supply energy to your device. It is especially preferable to use original components.

UMC has more than 5 years of experience in supplying mining units directly from manufacturers in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. We work with leading manufacturers - Bitmain, Innosilicon and many others. We work with the best shipping companies. We deliver devices in Russia. We test them before sending. We provide a video report with verification.

Call our specialists and learn more about the mining equipment and necessary components.

Number of connectors: 5 6-pin connectors

Length: 50 cm

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