Black 857S 70 video card case

Video cards in a mining farm are placed in a special enclosure, which ensures their functioning. An enclosure is an integral part of a gpu farm. And the better this system is designed, the longer the farm will last, providing you with a stable profit. For a build of 8 video cards, we recommend you to buy a reliable Black 857S 70 case.

Main features:
Processor: Intel Celetron CPU 847
Operating system: Windows 10 64 bit
Cooling: 3 coolers 12038

Why buy the Black 857S 70 case for graphics cards?

This case is reliable and can handle up to 8 video cards. Equipped with a powerful cooling system and all the necessary connectors for video cards.

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Processor: Intel Celetron CPU 847

Operating system: Windows 10 64 bit

Power supply: AV 150-260V

Capacity: 8 psc

Cooling: 3 coolers 12038

Working Temperature: 0 - 40 C

Weight: 8000 g

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