D868Z-CK V1.0 Mining Farm Enclosure

There is a large number of cryptocurrency mining machines on the market. If a computer does not provide the necessary profitability, and it is unprofitable to maintain an ASIC miner at home, you should think about assembling your own GPU-farm. You can buy a ready-made farm or build one yourself by buying the right number of powerful video cards. And, of course, to assemble you need a case in which you will place your gpu-devices. It has everything well thought out - special connectors, fasteners, the board, a powerful ventilation system. It will take care of everything. All you have to do is connect the equipment and start mining cryptocurrency.

Properties of the case:
Intel Celeron 2950M GPU (2.0 GHz)
Intel-based processor;
Processor speed 2000 MHz
1000Mbps network card
2nm process technology
DDR3L memory capacity of 8GB;
The design is made of steel
Parameters: 465x233x533 mm.

Why buy D868Z-CK V1.0 for graphics cards?

The D868Z-CK V1.0 case will make it easy to assemble a gpu farm. The umclogic website has a huge selection of powerful graphics cards from the latest ranges. You can buy all the necessary components of a mining farm in one place. UMC managers are always ready to help you with the choice. We provide turnkey GPU farm assembly.

UMC (Ural Mining Company) supplies mining equipment and components directly from manufacturing plants since 2017. We cooperate with manufacturers such as: AMD, Nvidia, Bitmain, MicroBT and many others. We work with reliable transportation companies. We deliver all over Russia. Check the equipment before shipment, provide a video report.

Call our specialists and get necessary information about components

Graphics processor: Intel Celeron 2950M

Processor speed: 2000 MHz

Network card: 1000 Mbps

Tech: 2 nm

Memory Type: DDR3L

Memory capacity: 8 Gb

Case Material: steel

lwh: 465x233x533 mm

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