Hash board for Antminer S9

One of the main causes of S9 hardware failure is the failure of the hash board. Such failures have a negative effect on performance. If such a failure is detected, it is necessary to replace the board by yourself or with the help of a service center.

The hash board can be replaced in the following ways:
By yourself. It is necessary to turn on the ASIC miner with each board. The one that does not work will not show up in the device status. This is the signal to replace the board.
You can replace the hash board in the service center. You can save time and money, the hash board is not expensive.
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Buying a hash board for the S9 is essential because.

UMC has its own service center where you can get your device repaired quickly and efficiently. We have extensive experience in selling and repairing mining equipment. Our specialists will make a diagnosis, identify the cause of the breakage and fix it.

We always have power units, boards and other components available in our warehouse. Always buy accessories for your devices to be ready for any breakage.

Urals Mining Company has been supplying equipment directly from manufacturers (Bitmain, Innosilicon, MicroBT and many others) for over 5 years. We work with the best transportation companies. Delivery to any region of Russia. We test the devices before shipment. Provide a video report.

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Compatible: Antminer S9 series

lwh: 220x108x62 mm

Weight: 1000 g

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