Raskat Strike 320 gaming computer

Raskat Strike
Raskat Strike 320 computer is perfect for both gaming and cryptocurrency mining. It is made in a laconic style. Thanks to this device you will be able to mine cryptocurrencies from home. Comes with a GeForce GTX 1650 video card.

Technical features:
Processor model: Ryzen 3 Pro 1200
Number of cores: 4
Processor Frequency: 3.1 GHz

It's worth buying the Raskat Strike 320 computer because.
It has an acceptable price for its characteristics - only 67 502 rubles. Supports almost all standard games: The Witcher 3, KS GO, Dota 2, Wat Thunder and many others. You can mine with a GeForce GTX 1650 video card. The PC makes almost no noise.

Ural Mining Company supplies mining devices directly from the manufacturer for over 5 years. In our range of machines Bitmain, Ipollo. MicroBT and other no less well-known manufacturers. We cooperate with the best transportation companies. Delivery in Russia. We check the work of the devices and send a video report to our customers.

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Processor model: Ryzen 3 PRO 1200

Number of processor cores: 4

Processor speed: 3.1 GHz

Auto boost frequency: 3.4 GHz

RAM Type: DDR4

Total Capacity of RAM: 8 GB

Total hard disk drive (HDD) capacity: 1 BT

lwh: 335x200x385 mm

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