Gaming computer

Gaming computers assembled by Ural Mining Company (UMC). We offer you multitasking devices in a stylish case, designed both for gaming and cryptocurrency mining. You will be able to mine digital currency at home. Sitting at home and earning extra income - what could be better?

Device parameters:
Type: PC:
Processor: Core I5 - 11400 2.6GHz - 4.2GHz
Turbocharged OEM
Motherboard: ASROCK z590 pro4
M.2 Drive 2280 1TB
Gigabyte AORUS Client SSD GP-ASM2NE6100TTTD PCIe (Controller)
Gen4x4 with NVMe, IOPS 750/700K, 5000/4400, 1024MB, 3D TLC, NVMe 1.3, 1800TBW, MTBF 1.8M, RTL (10)
Kingston DDR4 3200 DIMM Hyper X FURY RGB
Color of chassis: white
750W modular power supply

Sold with Fighter AMD Radeon RX 6600XT 8GB GDDR6 gaming graphics card

Why buy a computer from UMC?
Because assembling a similar device yourself or buying a new one will cost you many times more. We have collected all our successful solutions and applied our experience in creating a great gaming computer, capable of mining cryptocurrency. Computers are in stock. You can come to our office, check and pick up the device right away. Also you can buy it with delivery to any region of Russia. Computer will come to you safely. Computer is checked before shipping (we do a video report).

Call our managers now and learn more about our gaming computers! It's easy to enter mining with UMC!

Processor: Core I5

Power: 11400 2.6GHz - 4.2GHz

Turbocharger: OEM

Motherboard: ASROCK z590 pro4 2M

Drive: 2280 1TB


Color of chassis: white

Power supply: 750W modular

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