Retro Genesis game console

Retro Genesis
Supports a huge number of games, the most popular of which are Mario, Tanchiki and Sonic. The console consists of the original NES and Mega Drive hardware. Provides smooth picture transitions and no hangs during the game. Startup and restart is instant. Great for both adults and children.

Works on two platforms - 8 and 16 bit. Gives you the opportunity to play 300 games on 8 bit and 300 games on 16 bit.

Includes: console, two wired joysticks, cable, power supply, instructions + 600 games

Why buy Retro Genesis?

You get a high quality analogue of the famous consoles NES and Mega Drive with a huge number of popular games of the old generation.

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Model: Remix

Family: Sega and analogues

Type of Processor: 16 bit

Number of processor cores: 1

Type of media: Cartridge

Number of games: 600

lwh: 390x80x225 mm

Weight: 950 g

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