ASUS Z390-P motherboard

The motherboard is responsible for the entire life of the computer. It includes the processor, bus, controllers, and RAM. Without this common system of main components, no personal computer can function. It is necessary to choose a reliable motherboard with excellent performance.

Parameters of the device:
Processor: Intel
Socket: LGA1151
Memory frequency: 4266 MHz
Memory capacity: 128GB

The ASUS Z390-P motherboard is worth buying because.

It's a reliable device with high memory capacity of 128GB. Compatible with processors: Intel 8th Generation Core, Pentium, Celeron.

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Processor: Intel

Socket: LGA1151

Memory Type: DDR4-4266

Interface: UEFI BIO

Protection Technology: 5X Protection III

Compatible processors: Intel 8th Generation Core/Pentium/Celeron

Chipset Name: Intel Z390

Memory Frequency: 4266 MHz

Memory capacity: 128 Gb

RAM: Dual Channel

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