SSD drive Samsung 980 Pro 250G

When your computer is running out of internal memory, buying an ssd drive is a great solution. Using a drive is an easy and productive method of storing data. With an ssd from the famous brand Samsung users can forget about the problems in working with heavy programs forever.

Standard PCIe 4.0 interface increases performance and data transfer speed
Samsung Elpis controller
Up to 7000MB/s bandwidth;
Easy handling of graphics applications
Compact form
Nickel coating (dissipates heat from chips, protects from overheating)
7 W power consumption
Guaranteed 60 months

Why buy the Samsung 980 Pro 250G SSD?
When you integrate this device into your PC, you create a highly reliable system for working with complex programs and storing large amounts of data. This device is released by the popular company Samsung, which has long established itself in the electronics market. SSD drives are available for pre-order.
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Standard interface: PCIe 4.0

Controller: Samsung Elpis

Throughput: up to 7000MB/s

Power Consumption: 7 W

Memory capacity: 250 Gb

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