Intel Celebron G3900 processor

The performance, speed, and responsiveness of a computer is directly related to its "brain". The brain of a computer is its processor. The more powerful it is, the more productive your computer will be. It is important to choose the processor that is right for your tasks.

The main characteristics:
Line: Intel Celeron
Number of cores: 2
State-of-the-art technology: 14nm
Processor speed: 2800 MHz

Why buy the Intel Celebron G3900 processor?

This powerful 2,800 MHz dual-core processor is capable of running your device efficiently.

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Product line: Intel Celeron

Number of Cores: 2

Tech: 14 nm

Processor Frequency: 2800 MHz

Memory Type: DDR3L, DDR4

Core: Skylake-S

Cache Volume: 2 MB

Heat dissipation: 51 W

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