Whatsminer M30s++106-112 TH/s

MicroBT continues to produce ASIC miners based on Samsung's 8nm chips. M30s++ is an improved version in the line of M30s ASIC miners. The device is compact and productive - hash rate reaches 104-108 TH/s with power consumption of 3470W. Energy efficiency is 31 J/Th. The ASIC miner competes with the S19 and T19 from Bitmain. The machine functions stably 24/7. Works on SHA-256 algorithm. It mines 32 crypto coins, including the most important one - BTC.

The machine works at a temperature of -5-35 degrees. Cooled by two powerful fans. It weighs only 11 kg, which makes it easy to move the device if needed.

Why buy M30s++106-112 TH/s?
We supply asics directly from manufacturers from China, Malaysia and Hong Kong for over 5 years. We cooperate with factories: Bitmain, Ipollo, Goldshell and others. Individual prices for wholesalers.

We always have devices in stock and available to order. We deliver by reliable transportation companies (SDEK, Business Line, etc.) all over Russia. We carry out checks and provide a video report before shipment.

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Algorithm: SHA-256

Crypto currency: Bitcoin (BTC)

Hashrate: 106-112 TH/s

Power Consumption: 3470W

Tech: 8 nm

Hardware volume: Up to 75dB

Cooling: 2 coolers

Operating Temperature: -5-35 degrees

lwh: 150x320x240 mm

Weight: 11000 g

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