Whatsminer M56s 178-194 TH/s

Whatsminer M56s is a new line of bitcoin mining ASIC miners from MicroBT. It works on SHA-256 algorithm. Performance of the device is higher than many other devices of the company, it reaches 178-194 TH/s with power consumption of 5500-5650W.

The new hardware is hydro-cooled. It allows you to remove heat from the chips, thereby protecting the device from overheating. The ASIC miner comes in a format different from the previous MicroBT devices. It is represented by an elongated flat metal design. The device has a small size, so it is easy to move.

Why buy Whatsminer M56s?
Because it is one of the most powerful bitcoin mining ASIC miners from MicroBT, with a high performance of 178-194 TH/s.

UMC has been in the market for mining devices since 2017. We directly supply units from such reliable manufacturers as Bitmain, MicroBT, Innosilicon and others.

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Algorithm: SHA-256

Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC)

Hashrate: 178-194 TH/s

Power Consumption: 5500-5650W

Cooling: Liquid cooling

lwh: 267x147x401 mm

Weight: 13000 g

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