Whatsminer M21s 56 TH/s б/у

The M21s line from MicroBT was released in 2019. For three years, the ASIC miners have perfectly proved themselves on the market of mining devices. They function on SHA-256 algorithm and mine the main cryptocurrency - bitcoin. They have a high hash rate of 56 TH/s with a power consumption of 3360W.

They come in their tried-and-true design over the years. The horizontal elongated design is small and has a sturdy metal housing (15.5 x 24 x 39 cm). The device is protected by a rugged metal casing. ASIC miner has a relatively low weight - 12.5 kg. Runs on chips of 16nm process. The working temperature is from 0 to 40 ° C. The machine is cooled by 2 fans. The noise level of the ASIC miner is 75 dB. The power supply is built in.

How buy Whatsminer M21S 56T now?

Yes. We have this model in stock. We also have other devices available to order. You can buy the device in our office in Moscow yourself, or you can order delivery with insurance by a shipping company.

We supply additional coolers, mining parts and power supplies. You can buy these ASIC miners in bulk and expand your fleet with powerful devices for mining BTC

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Algorithm: SHA-256

Crypto currency: Bitcoin (BTC)

Hashrate: 56 TH/s

Power Consumption: 3360W

Hardware Volume: 75dB

Process technology: 16nm

Cooling: 2 coolers

Working Temperature: 0-40 degree

lwh: 155x240x390 mm

Weight: 12500 g

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