Antminer S19k pro 115 Th/s

ASIC miners S19k pro have a high hash rate of 115 Th/s while consuming the optimal power consumption of 2760W in a number of other models from Bitmain.
The series stands out for its excellent quality. The efficiency of the ASIC miner approaches 23J/TH, a standard set by leading ASIC miner manufacturers. Works on SHA-256 algorithm. The volume is 75 dB. The device is ventilated by four coolers. The working temperature is from 0-40 degrees Celsius. The dimensions of the ASIC miner are 40*19,5*29 cm. The mass of 12.85 kg

Version S19j Pro differs from competitors with more productive work of the chips and reduces the power consumption when mining a similar hash rate.

How to buy Antminer S19k Pro advantageously?
All new hardware has a warranty from Bitmain for 6 months. If you want to buy equipment at a discount, you can place a pre-order. Purchased ASIC miner will cost you 20-30% cheaper than the equipment in stock.

Our managers will help you to draw up all the necessary documents. UMC - since 2017 on the market of mining equipment. You can check the ASIC miner in our office in person or we will check it for you and send a video report.

Algorithm: SHA-256

Crypto currency: BTC, BCH, LCC

Hashrate: 115 Th/s

Power Consumption: 2760W

Cooling: 4 coolers

Operating Temperature: 0-40 degrees

Sound level: 75 dB

lwh: 400x195x290 mm

Weight: 12850 g

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