Antminer T19 Hydro 145 TH/s

ASIC Antminer T19 Hydro 145 TH/s works on SHA-256 algorithm. It mines BTC. This model is cheaper than Antminer S19 Pro+ Hydro (260 thousand vs. 300 thousand) with similar cooling. The power consumption is 5438W, and the ASIC miner has a higher hash rate, which will definitely increase the power of the mining farm. Liquid cooling protects the device from overheating and speeds up the work of Antminer T19 Hydro ASIC miner. The energy efficiency of the device is 37.5 J/Th.

Why buy T19 Hydro 145 TH/s?
  • The ASIC miner has a high energy efficiency of 37.5 J/Th
  • The device has professional liquid cooling
  • The ASIC miner has a high power output.

The shape of the ASIC miner differs from previous Bitmain models, resembling a personal computer. It is a rectangular elongated aluminum casing, from which the heat pipes for cooling. The power supply is built in. ASIC miner uses high performance 7nm chips for productive operation of the unit. The working temperature is from 0-40 degrees. Dimensions ASIC miner - 412*197*209 mm. The mass is 12,5 kg.

UMC has been supplying mining devices since 2017. We work directly with manufacturers from China.

We provide hosting services for ASIC miner (we have our own data centers). We have our own service center. We also sell mining components, produce our own turnkey containers, farms.

Algorithm: SHA-256

Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC)

Hashrate: 145 TH/s

Power Consumption: 5438W

Energy efficiency: 37.5 J/T

Process technology: 7 nm

lwh: 412x197x209 mm

Weight: 12500 g

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